6 Steps to Nutritional Weight Loss

6 Steps to Nutritional Weight Loss

1. Eat every 2-3 hours. These meals should contain complete protein, vegetables and fruit.

2. Have carbohydrates in the morning (oats, whole wheat, etc), during exercise (simple carbohydrates: dextrose and maldextrin) and after exercise only (with complete protein). Ingest a complete protein, vegetable/fruit, complex carbohydrate meal one hour later. These carbohydrates are rich in fibre which will help you feel full longer.

3. Take greens plus/V8 as a vegetable supplement; if you can’t prepare vegetables during the day.

4. 25-35% of your diet should be good fats. These include extra virgin olive oil, salmon/fish oil, or other monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Try supplementing with flaxmeal or high DHA/EPA fish oil daily.

5. Only drink water, dark teas, red wine (one glass a night maximum) and coffee.

6. Plan out your meals every Sunday. It will help keep you on the right track for success. Try and pack meals for the work week on this day in containers that are easy to bring to work.


What is the Secret of Healthy Weight Loss?

So, by now you must be wondering, “What is it about the World’s Healthiest Foods that made them so effective in producing healthy lasting weight loss, vibrant health, and energy for the Readers who shared their success stories?”

It’s simple, actually. The World’s Healthiest Foods are nutrient-rich foods. I believe that this is the secret of why the Readers were losing weight –the wide range and quantity of nutrients these foods deliver for the small amount of calories that they contain (what I refer to as “nutrient-richness”).

Nutrient-Rich World’s Healthiest Foods = Maximum Nutrients Minimal Calories
The classification of a food as nutrient-rich reflects its ability to provide a wealth of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other health.

Recommended Alternative To Lose Weight (Easy Method)

There are many alternative ways to lose weight the easy way which not commonly make known to all the people, I have done my research for you, here are some of the most effective alternative to lose weight fast and easy:

1.  Body Detox – Detoxification or ‘detox’ diets are short-term interventions designed to eliminate toxins from the body, promote health and assist with weight loss. Detox diets range from total starvation fasts to juice fasts to food modification approaches and often involve the use of laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, minerals and/or ‘cleansing foods’.

Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better?It is true that green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These components contribute to minimizing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.As a Weight Loss Expert, it has been my primary goal to share practical tips and tricks for those pursuing optimal health. In upholding my obligation to transparency, I am about to reveal how green tea, although beneficial, is gradually losing value in the light of its delicious rival – rooibos. You can find more detail from my other post Here.

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